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FDA Approval? What does this mean for you?

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PLEASE NOTE: The information in this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult your healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

Already immersed in the health product universe? If so, you’ve likely seen 'FDA Approved' on many labels. We know it sounds important, but what does it really mean for you? Don't worry, we're here to clear up what this important term means. 

Let’s break it down. Suppose you have two health products at your disposal: one promises a 'feel good' boost, but without concrete support, and the other carries the 'FDA Approved' credential. You naturally lean towards the FDA-approved product, right? This small badge carries significant weight. It is a token of trust, signifying the product has passed stringent safety checks and proven effectiveness. Simply put, it's your go-ahead signal. 

Unpacking EarthlyVitals FDA Approval Journey

When we embarked on our journey for FDA approval, our focus was on exhaustive testing of our ingredients and formulas. We undertook this process voluntarily, despite there being no legal requirement for specific tests, as we value safety above all. 

In compliance with U.S. Federal laws including the Federal Food, Drug Act, we made sure our manufacturing facilities met the FDA's stringent inspection criteria. These successful inspections are a testament to our devotion to quality and processes. 

In addition to the thorough testing and inspections, accurate food product labeling was a core aspect of our FDA approval process. This was to ensure clear and transparent communication with you about what you're choosing for your health.

But there's a particular food topic that gets mixed reactions - raw milk. 


Some people praise raw milk for its health benefits, while others warn about health risks associated with its consumption. So, let's bring some clarity to the table, and delve deeper into what exactly raw milk is, the benefits, and the potential risks.

The Complete Ingredient Profile of Nature's Multivitamin

Our multivitamin delivers a potent mix of essential nutrients, embodying nature's finest offerings. Every component plays a critical part in upgrading the various systems within the body. Let's delve into the distinct benefits offered by each ingredient contained within this super supplement.

Liver: A Superfood Powerhouse

The liver used in Fully Vital Package is a remarkable superfood rich in essential nutrients sourced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. Apart from being full with vitamins A and B, it provides highly absorbable heme iron, minerals, CoQ10, and choline. Together, these nutrients fuel energy production, enhance immune function, and help with heart, brain, and eye health. 

Pancreas: Regulating Blood Sugar and Metabolism

The pancreas plays a vital role in maintaining overall metabolic health. By producing insulin and digestive enzymes, it helps regulate blood sugar levels and enhances nutrient absorption. Infused into our multivitamin, the pancreas doesn't just offer significant health benefits but also underscores our commitment to natural ingredients. 

Spleen: Boosting Immunity and Blood Health

The spleen has a significant role in our immune response and blood filtration. It recycles red blood cells and stores white blood cells and platelets, thereby bolstering the immune system and promoting blood health. By incorporating this key organ into our multivitamin, we emphasize a comprehensive approach to holistic wellbeing.

Heart: Enhancing Muscular Strength and Cardiovascular Health

Abundant in elements such as CoQ10, B-vitamins, and iron, the heart plays a fundamental role in supporting muscular strength, aiding in oxygen transport, and ensuring the proper function of the cardiovascular system. 

Kidney: Supporting Detoxification and Hormonal Balance

The kidney is a valuable source of essential nutrients such as B-vitamins, iron, and selenium. Its inclusion in our multivitamin aids in detoxification, promotes hormone production, and supports overall renal health. We've harnessed the potent nutritional benefits of kidney, expanding the multivitamin's impact on overall health. 

Gelatin (Bovine): Ensuring Optimal Capsule Integrity

We use bovine gelatin for our capsules, which comes exclusively from high-quality, grass-fed and grass-finished sources. This ensures optimal capsule integrity and perfectly complements the nutritional profile of our multivitamin. 

These exceptional multi-nutrient supplements embody a deep dedication to blending nature's magic and nutritional science, resulting in superior health-enhancing formulations. Packed within each convenient capsule is a symphony of nutrients, designed for easy absorption and superior health benefits.

From Farm to Bottle: How Our Supplements are Made

In your quest for well-being, imagine the journey your Earthly Vitals supplement undertakes. From the very moment you confirm your order, all the way to your doorstep. The magic begins with the careful selection of raw materials, straight from the heart of nature herself. 

Furthermore, the uniqueness of Earthly Vitals formula extends to the origin of its ingredients. Sourced exclusively from grass-fed farms of New Zealand, these contribute to the premium quality of our supplements. These practices ensure a product that's not only beneficial to you, but also resonates with our commitment to fully organic products.

The harvested ingredients then undergo a unique freeze-drying method. This method is chosen over traditional heat-drying techniques due to its ability to preserve the cellular structure of the ingredients and maximize nutrient retention.   

The freeze-dried ingredients make their way to Earthly Vitals' modern facility. Here, each component comes together to form the trusted supplements. Skilled professionals mix each ingredient, ensuring a balance that meets Earthly Vitals' nutritional standards. The facility uses state-of-the-art technology and the latest findings in nutrition science, putting safety and quality first. This ensures Earthly Vitals' products maintain their trusted status for health and wellbeing. The combination of high-quality ingredients and careful production supports the effectiveness and quality of Earthly Vitals' supplements, making them an important part of any healthy diet.

Furthermore, each supplement is subject to testing protocols to ensure not only their efficacy but also their safety. After satisfying all the necessary safety standards, they are finally approved for distribution. 

After approval, we perform safety tests on all bottles to maintain our commitment to delivering only the safest products to our customers. 

Once these final tests are successfully completed, and the quality is assured, these products are finally ready to be delivered. With due diligence undertaken at every step of the process, we ensure that every bottle that lands on your doorstep is of the highest possible quality, rocking the seal of safety, and is FDA-approved.

The Nutrient-Rich Origin of EarthlyVitals Supplements

We source our supplements from organ meats, considered some of the most nutrient-dense foods around. By focusing on organs such as the liver, heart, and kidneys, we deliver a powerful health punch with our supplements.  

We put enormous care into selecting organ meats of the highest quality, packed with essential nutrients your body needs. The sourcing matters a great deal to us. It not only determines the nutritional quality of our supplements but also stands as a testament to our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.  

Our supplements start their journey as raw organ meat, which we then process using our proprietary freeze-drying method. This cutting-edge process allows us to extract the water content from the nutrient-packed meats without heating them. Maintaining a low temperature is crucial to avoid nutrient degradation typically associated with traditional heat drying. In a nutshell, our freeze-drying process captures the full spectrum of nutrients and enzymes when they are at their peak.  

Thanks to this process, we can encapsulate the entire range of nutrients in nature's superfoods and deliver them right to your doorstep. As a result, you get to enjoy the benefits of nutrient-rich organ meats, wrapped in a clean, convenient, and taste-free capsule. You don't have to worry about the taste and texture of organ meats anymore!  

To sum up, our unique sourcing and freeze-drying process make it an effortless job for you to incorporate nature's superfoods into your daily routine. You receive every nutritional benefit needed for peak health—minus the taste! You can also have peace of mind knowing that we maintain stringent quality controls from start to finish. It ensures that our product is not just good for you but is also safe and reliable.

So, when we say our products are FDA-approved, it's more than just a stamp on the label. It's a testament to the exhaustive efforts we embark on to deliver you products that are safe, reliable, and – ultimately – deliver on their promise to enhance your health and wellbeing. By choosing Earthly Vitals, you choose to invest in optimal wellness, safeguarded by

Best of luck on your journey, and we’re here to support you throughout if needed

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