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Unveiling Our Journey: The Story Behind 
What You Know as Earthly Vitals

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Meet Our Founders

In 2022, Frank and Niels initiated a special journey. Both entrepreneurs, they noticed something troubling. Many business owners like them were working hard for their companies but were neglecting their health. They began to realize that this wasn't right - succeeding in life shouldn't mean losing your health. 

Motivated to find some answers, they embarked on a mission. They wanted to figure out how to have both business success and good health. Over the next two years, they dove deep into the world of biohacking. During this time, they discovered that it was indeed possible to simplify biohacking. In simpler terms, they found methods to preserve and improve health. 

And so began the journey of 'Earthly Vitals', a venture inspired by a newfound understanding. The mission? Simple and straightforward: to empower people from all walks of life to achieve the pinnacle of their health, without compromising their individual tasks and duties. 

Our Personal Journey

Do you remember our founders, Frank and Niels' transformative story about their lifestyle shift towards health? Funny as it may sound now, Frank had a daily habit of drinking one to two liters of Cola and stuffed his mouth with handfuls of candy. Niels' food choices mirrored Frank's. They dug into whatever comforted their taste buds without a second thought. They didn't purposely promote this unhealthy practice. Unknown to the harm these fake sugar-filled foods inflicted on their bodies, they lacked an understanding of healthier alternatives. So, what made them sit up and rethink their diet? It's quite simple, really. 

Everyday life can be fast-paced and stressful, diverting attention from critical things like our diet. Nonetheless, this shouldn't be an excuse for neglecting our health. The concept of ‘biohacking' turned out to be an eye-opener for Frank and Niels. Now, you might ask, "What is 'biohacking'?" In simplee terms, it's the utilization of our body's knowledge to enhance our health and overall strength. 

As Frank and Niels embraced 'biohacking', they realized the damage their diet had done to their bodies. It dawned upon them that their questionable food choices were not only ruining their physical health but also impacting their mental and emotional wellbeing. This revelation was a game-changer. They were confronted with the undeniable truth; they had to change. 

Banking on their newfound knowledge about 'biohacking', they set off on a journey to reverse the damage and transform their health. The transformation they underwent was so significant and life-altering that they felt compelled to share their experiences and wisdom with others. This marked the birth of 'earthlyvitals', a beacon of health and wellness for many to follow.

We’re helping people reclaim their health and vitality.

Wisdom of our Ancestors

We learn from the generations before us, understanding their life experiences and traditions. Interestingly, even with today’s medical advancements, the older generations showed an amazing level of energy and strength well into their late years which surpasses our modern standards. What is their secret for such outstanding health and long life? The answer is simple yet powerful: a balanced approach to eating animal-based foods. 

Think about the ancient times when a hunting expedition was successful and consider the immense difficulties involved in such tasks. Not a single part of the hunted animal was wasted. In fact, our ancestors valued not just the muscle meats we commonly eat today. They greatly appreciated the often-forgotten parts like the liver, heart, kidney, and spleen. 

Have you ever thought that these organ meats are the true nutritional champions among all animal food sources, being as much as 100 times more nutrient-packed than muscle meats? These organs are not only packed with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and peptides, but also unique growth factors. This organ-rich diet was the secret behind the energy, health, and strength of our ancestors, equipping them to survive and excel even in the harshest situations. Our goal is to make these incredible benefits of organ meats accessible to everyone once more.

Animal-Based Eating

We believe that the nutrients we put into our body have the biggest effect on our well-being and determine how much ass we kick day in and day out!


Animal foods are the most nutrient-rich on the planet. They nourish your body completely. And they’re a must have in your diet if you want health and vitality!


Our organs come from farms that not only feed the environment but also help in reducing climate change by taking in carbon.

We take good care of the land and animals because their well-being in turn gives us nourishing food. 

We are deeply committed to healthy soil and well-cared-for animals. We strongly support farms in New Zealand and the around the world that practice regenerative agriculture. 

We respect all life forms, whether it's the sea, trees, soil, air, or animals. We should thank and honor them, as they are the original ancestors of our world.

The Objective of Earthly Vitals

Earthly Vitals is all about encouraging a healthy lifestyle while respecting our natural surroundings. We believe that one's health is not just about personal habits but is strongly connected to our shared environment and society. We hope to bring about real change in how we think and act about health and wellness. 

We use the broad scope of biographical research to understand health in its wider context, looking at individual habits and their wider societal implications. We disagree with societies views that oversimplify health as just a personal matter, and we aim to look at the bigger picture.

Our goal is to offer a platform that challenges ancestral health strategies by focusing not just on personal health journeys but also exposing the social and environmental factors impacting them. 

Breaking Society's Chains 

We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change. Every person's health journey is a story influenced by many factors. We aim to share these stories, giving them a platform to be heard, and building a community where people can learn from each other's experiences. We think it's crucial to use these shared experiences to bring about positive change for both our health and our planet. 

Change takes time and it takes a community. This is what Earthly Vitals hopes to provide – a space for collective growth and shared understanding that sees health as a shared responsibility, not an isolated one. It's time to renew our bond with our planet, recognizing that we don't just live here - we are a part of it.

We invite you to join us in this journey and help to shape our collective path towards restored health and vitality.

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