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6 Reasons To Choose Our Supplements Over Fresh Organs

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 Written by Vitality Team

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We’re big fans of fresh organs, both raw and cooked… 

But there are many reasons why our freeze-dried organs beat fresh organs:

#1 Our supplements give you more nutrients than cooked organs

What happens when you cook organs? Essentially, the high temperatures involved in cooking can harm or destroy nutrients in the food. This means that the nutritional value of the organs you're consuming is always reduced to some extent due to the cooking process... 

On the other hand, our supplements are produced using a freeze-drying process. This method preserves all the valuable nutrients, peptides, minerals, enzymes, and growth factors. By choosing our supplements, you're simply securing a more nutritious intake for yourself!

#2 Our supplements reduce the risk of contamination

Eating raw organs can offer a lot of nutritious rewards, but there can be risks, especially if you're unsure where the organs came from. That's where our supplements come in. 

Our supplements outrank others in terms of safety. We make an extra effort by working with independent groups who run strict quality checks. Amazingly, our products go through tougher testing than any food you'd find at your local grocery store or your go-to restaurant! 

Simply put, our supplements offer a high-quality, nutrient-dense option for your health. This means you're getting the essential nutrients your body needs in a concentrated form. But there's more - our products are also safer than consuming raw or cooked organs. Why? Because raw or cooked organs can sometimes be contaminated with harmful bacteria and parasites. However, we use freeze-dry technology to create our supplements, providing a clean, healthy alternative that's free of such concerns. This way you can be confident that you're choosing a secure option that is full of necessary nutrients.

With us, you can effectively bridge your nutrient gap without having to worry about the preparation, quality, or safety of the products. Peace of mind, isn’t it?

#3 Our supplements are cleaner

Have you ever had raw liver juice spill all over your kitchen? 

We have all experienced that awkward, often messy process of preparing fresh organs... and while it's not the worst thing in the worl, it's just easier and tidier to quickly take some supplements. Available in forms such as pills and powders, our supplements spare you the discomfort and inconvenience typically associated with preparing and consuming fresh organs.

#4 Our supplements are tasteless

Let's be honest, fresh organs aren't exactly known for their amazing flavor. It's completely normal to feel put off by their unique tastes, and this can be a serious challenge when it comes to maintaining a balanced diet that includes organ nutrition. 

However, our supplements provide the perfect solution to this challenge. We've designed them to be completely tasteless! This makes them an excellent choice not just for the fuzzy eaters among us, but also for our little ones.

#5 Our supplements provide variety:

Consuming a mix of different organs in your diet can give you a range of health advantages. For instance, your brain can improve its function by receiving nutrients from brain tissues, and your immune system gets a boost from the thymus' nutrients.

But, sourcing these specific organs and maintaining their freshness can be tough. Our complete supplement range is here to help! We offer all the vital nutrients from various organ types in convenient capsules. Rest easy, and let us take care of it all. 

#6 Time-saving benefits of our supplements 

Focus on the things that matter, like shared experiences with friends and loved ones. Instead of spending time sourcing, preparing, and consuming organ meats, switch to our easy and convenient supplements. In a fraction of the time, you can ensure essential nutrients are incorporated into your daily meal plan. 

Imagine this: Instead of being stuck in the kitchen, you're now free to enjoy some quality bonding time with your bestie. Maybe a refreshing visit to the sauna? 

Isn't it time to let your health routine work for you, not against you? Choose our supplements and reclaim your valuable time. Now that's what we call a win-win! 😃

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